5 Sure Ways to Establish Yourself as a Profitable Blogger and Freelance Writer

As far as blogging and freelance writing goes, it is important to know that it’s not enough to just be another blogger and freelance writer but a profitable one at that.

Being called a blogger and freelance writer is not what pays the bill but actually making money from this combination of business models does and for this to happen, you need to launch your business on the right foundation and set your business on a path that encourages and attract both personal and business productivity.

With this in mind, I have come up with a practical framework that can help you to achieve more in blogging and freelance writing if you are at a beginner/intermediate level and to nudge you in a direction where you can realign and refocus your strategy for a better result.

Below are 5 of the strategies that make up the framework;

 1. Self-Motivation

Does your motivation for completing a task or project always emanate from the inside or you need/crave an external validation?

I would advise you to draw your motivation from the inside and not from external validation.

The motivation derived from the inside contributes more to the self-confidence and trust in your own ability needed for moving towards achieving a goal than waiting for outside influences.

The confidence you have in your ability to get the work done and deliver quality and high valued contents as a blogger and freelance writer goes a long way in your profitability because it puts you in the right mindset. 

2.  Discipline/Sacrifice

Are you willing to put in more than the average working hours to improve on your craft when starting out? Be willing and ready to put in more than the average working hours in improving your craft at least at the beginning.

As it is most of the time when you are setting out on a new project, so it is with blogging and freelance writing. It requires more time for planning and other related tactics to make sure you’re doing the right things.

Until that time that you develop a system and strategy that would run your business, be disciplined enough to put in more effort and be ready to sacrifice as much as needed resources ( time, money etc.)

3. Permit yourself to fall in love with what you do

Enthusiasm, keen interest, practice and prompt action sometimes win over experience. Don’t wait for years to gather the experience you think you need. Rather, start researching and practicing how to write better and with different types of writing.

Develop yourself daily and keep a tab on your improvement to measure how far you have come. Take action on ideas and tips on time before other things surface and you lose that idea, who knows the action that will give your blogging and freelance writing career a jolt to success?

4. Patience and Calmness

You will need a lot of patience and inner calm in your journey to making blogging and freelance writing profitable for you. You must not get carried away by the noise around you. There’s an information overload out there you must be very careful about.

Not everybody or every material that promises to make your blogging and freelance writing business better and profitable deliver on their promises. So there’s a need for you to observe the following process;

Test: For every idea you come up with or been introduced to and for every advice given to you by any expert, you should carry out a test. Doing this will make it possible for you to see the practical ideas and tactics and you’ll be able to weed out the ones that doesn’t work for you.  

Track: You should also take note of the ideas and tactics along the way to enable you to see how far you have come, the ones that are working, how you applied the tactics and all of that.

By keeping track, you will have an idea and a clear understanding of the areas you need to work on and what needs readjustment. For example, you might discover the kind of contents that engage your readers, a marketing that works for you or how prospective clients react to your cold pitches etc.
Change: When you have tested ideas and tactics, kept track of how practical, workable and relevant they are to your blogging and freelance writing business, it’s time to tweak and make the necessary changes based on the feedback you have gathered all these while.

Whether it’s to change the form of your content from long to short or vice versa to better engage readers and drive traffic or to come up with a killer headline or a style that will increase the chances of your cold pitches being read when you send them to prospects.

Improve: All the processes mentioned above will contribute immensely to your success as a blogger and freelance writer because you’ll be able to make informed and data driven decisions which brings a lot of improvement over time to how profitable your business becomes.

5. Belief in your abilities to succeed

If you don’t believe in your own abilities to succeed at this, maybe you should probably not have started in the first place. It’s a fact that you won’t possess all the skills and experience needed at first but you must believe in your ability to learn what needs to be learnt and to develop yourself.

Those experts that you see making a lot of money from their knowledge and expertise today were all novices at a time but they didn’t let that hold them back.

Believe in your abilities to succeed in blogging and freelance writing. Approach Influencers (for network and connections) in your Industry/Niche and clients/prospects with confident humility.

If you consider and apply the strategies explained above carefully irrespective of your level or the stage you’re at in the business of blogging and freelance writing, I’m sure it won’t take you long to carve a niche for yourself and establish yourself as an expert and a profitable blogger and freelance writer at that.

If there are other strategies that have worked for you and made your blogging and freelance writing business successful and profitable not mentioned above, let’s discuss that in the comment section below.

Why You Need to Get Rid of The Pessimistic Attitude Pulling You Down

I don't understand why some folks are always pessimistic when it comes to Internet-based business ideas in the form of a product or a service. While I understand that some have gotten their fingers burnt because of some scammers, I seem not to get why the hatred has to be transferred to honest and hard-working Entrepreneurs who operate their businesses on the Internet just because of the abuse of the use of Internet by some do-no good people.

If you're one of these pessimists, may be you should have a rethink and start to do a proper research before castigating business ideas that are Internet-based just because you don’t know how it works.

To those that have fallen for the tactics of Internet tricksters, have you thought about how you as well contributed to the success of that scheme? You fell for it because of your gullibility and laziness and these scammers preyed on that.

You must always carry out a proper research before parting with your money and if it's too good to be true, then it is not true unless you are convinced beyond a doubt.

There are also cogent reasons I think you should start a business online and below are my thoughts;

  • There's no more a guaranteed work for the countless number of graduates that our Institutions of higher learning produce year in year out.

  • Even the ones that still have jobs don't get the satisfaction they envisaged because of the increasing unconcerned attitude of the Government and private employers of labor towards the workforce.

  • The Internet still remains the best equalizer you can use to leverage your resources and output in the modern-day business model and there are a lot of people taking advantage of this.

Because of time and space, you can google and carry out a research on these people and see for yourself how they've been able to build a 6-figure business with what they have learned how to do first on the Internet and by Mentoring & Mastermind Courses from relevant Coaches.

Dig deep into yourself and tap into that gifts you didn't know you possess. Develop on the gifts, learn to improve your skills and offer what you have to the world. Mind you, it can only be in one or combination of these two: Product(s) to sell or Service(s) to offer.

Where you can't invest your money, be ready and willing to invest your time as it's also a form of resource. Deliberately, develop yourself and learn about the things you don't know and you should know.

If there are any more tips you’d like to share on this topic, let’s get to the comment section below to continue the discussion.

The Role of Deliberate Action in Life and Business Success

There are important things in life nobody could do for you. One of such is TAKING ACTION. If you’re not driven from the inside to act on your goals and stick to the plans you’ve mapped out to achieve the goals, nobody will do it for you.

Setting goals and mapping out a plan for achieving those goals coupled with deliberate actions and attention to detail is what moves the business and Entrepreneurial world.

As business giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Alibaba etc. have used this strategy to record ground-breaking results, You can also apply the basic strategy involved to become successful in your own business no matter how small you think what you’re doing is.

Below are a few steps you can follow to position yourself in a better place

Talk is Cheap While Action is Priceless

People talk about a lot of things at every given time - they talk about the kind of life they want for themselves, where they want to be in the nearest future, how they plan to start moving towards achieving their dreams.

All of these are good because it shows their willingness to dream, set goals and plan but it will not be that important and so much of help if it does not involve “conscious efforts and deliberate actions”. This is when the information at your disposal becomes power.

Learn how to do the things required of you. There needs to be a commitment to continued learning and education. Make daily improvement that will contribute to your Self-development. The more educated you are, the more confident you become.

Education is not only the activities that take place within the four walls of a classroom, far from it. The real Education is knowing what you want and how to achieve it. It entails Research, Planning, and Execution. The Internet has now become the go-to place and has revolutionized Education.


Practice what you have learned until you discover what works for you. There's an abundant knowledge and information out there that could help you achieve whatever goals you’ve set but the way you apply the information to suit your own specific needs will make a lot of difference.
You should make information work for you and not be a slave to it. Focus on what works for you and not just because some experts claim it’s working for them. As soon as you test ideas and it looks like it’s not working, adjust and re-apply until you find your own place in the scheme of things.

Make your plans as visual as possible by writing out your thoughts and ideas on paper. An idea that sounds good in your head might turn out not to be but the moment you put it on paper, you’ve gotten it out of your mind and this gives you a fresh perspective on how to make it better.

On the flip side, an idea, thought or strategy you put on paper might turn out to be a winning idea that will propel you and your business to an unprecedented achievement.

See the end you want to achieve and work it back to the beginning. Break down your plans into small and measurable activities and do one thing at a time for maximum attention span and optimal productivity.

Make use of drawings, images, sketches, infographics and any other thing that helps ingrain the purpose and the plans into your consciousness until your subconscious takes over.

Develop the Skill of Asking the Right Questions

Learn to ask the right questions. These guys are your friend:
What do I want to achieve?
Why do I want to achieve it?
How do I achieve it?
Who could help in my journey to achieving it?
Where do I get the manpower and the resources needed for achieving it?
When do I start and when do I achieve it?

If the appropriate answers are given to the right questions, the road becomes clearer and makes achieving your set goals a little faster. This does not take away the hard and smart work involved but it makes it manageable.


Networking most times is as important as the business itself because it can make a lot positive difference when you get connected to the right people of like minds and with a common interest.

Networking gives you a chance to approach people who are ahead of you and have been successful with what you are doing or about to do and also willing to help by giving you practical advice based on the experience they've garnered over the years.

Likewise, there will be people who will look up to you for guidance or advice. Networking helps you to stay abreast with fresh and exciting developments within your Industry / Niche.

According to Harvard Business Review, “When your Networking is driven by shared interests, it will feel more authentic”.


Human beings are creatures that interact based on a certain way of communication. To convey your intended meaning to other people for better understanding, you must be clear enough in the way you structure your mode (Written, spoken or gesture) of passing across the information.

Consequently, you need to develop and hone your communication skills. Whether written or spoken, learn how to communicate in a clear and concise manner. Your intended meaning should not be taken for another thing.

Learn to cut out ambiguity from the way you communicate by preparing and practicing. This is very important to better networking and most importantly when you’re trying to pass across a message to clients/customers and business prospects.

Show Thyself Worthy

Nothing attracts and convinces prospects/customers than proofs and evidence of your expertise - the results you’ve recorded and most importantly, how this wealth of experience can help solve their own problems or meet their specific needs.

Good Business Intentions Over Selfishness

Money exchange hands when demand meets supply, when specific needs meet specific provisions. Be sincere in your quest to help people and the authenticity of your intention will attract clients and prospects.

Create a product and start a business because there’s a need for it and not solely because you want to make money as money will come to you in multiple folds if you can meet the urgent and most pressing needs of people.

Necessity they say, is the mother of invention.

How have you been able to achieve goals you've set in the past? Please share and if there are any other points you think I’ve left out, you can share that too and let’s discuss them in the comment section below.

How to Find High Paying Clients as a Freelance Writer Through an Aggressive Cold Pitching Campaign

Getting Clients that pay well regularly can be an uphill task for Freelance Writers. To overcome this, Cold pitching prospective clients is arguably the most effective means of scouting and retaining high paying clients for your service(s) as a freelance writer.

To start with, what is cold pitching? Cold pitching is simply sending out a proposal for you to be hired to people and businesses you do not have a prior connection with, who have not requested for your service and probably have not seen a need for your type of service. Basically, it is sending a pitch to a company to subtly and politely make them see reasons to hire you for a service you provide.

Another point worthy of note here is that cold pitching for clients is a game of numbers. The more prospect you send cold pitches to, the greater the chances of landing clients.

Below are some important factors you should put into consideration when looking for clients through cold pitching.

Research your clients before cold pitching

It's very important that you get to know prospective clients as much as possible before sending them cold pitches. This is necessary because you have to sound as familiar as much as possible in your writing to up your chances of being considered at all as you are sending a pitch to a total stranger and what a better way to come across to them than showing them you have an interest in their businesses.

You can only achieve this by going through their websites to have access to information about them. For a cold pitching campaign to be successful, each pitch must be crafted and tailored to the specific and perceived content needs of a prospective client after you must have done a research on the company's website and have gotten a feel of their contents style, the business goals of the company and probably the kind of projects they are into at the particular time that you think your skill set and service might fit in to.

Who and where to cold pitch for clients

You are free to send your cold pitches to business owners and entrepreneurs in your chosen industry and niche. A free search of companies on the internet could help you with names of companies to send your pitches to. If you are able to get the company's website, a peruse of the information there should be enough to let you know those in charge that you are to send your pitches to.

For a mid-size company, they might have an Editor or Content Manager. In this case, you send your pitch to whoever is in charge of their Content Management. But in a situation where the business is being run by an individual or a sole proprietor, you should send your pitch to the business owner.

Social Media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn could also be an ideal place for you to meet companies and business owners. The advantage this has over content mills like Upwork and Fiverr, for example, is that there is less competition as you are not bidding for gigs and you are not going to be paid peanuts like it's common on those various content mills. You set your rate and you get a decent pay even as a beginner as long as you can write well and satisfy your clients.  

The Composition of a Winning Cold pitch that attracts clients

A cold pitch that gets the attention of a prospective client so much that he/she decides to work with you is what I refer to as a winning cold pitch. This kind of pitch must contain the following key elements;

1. Personalize Your Pitch Opening

Your pitch must be addressed to a person with his/her name attached. This proves you've done your homework well and it also helps in bridging that gap of meeting for the very first time, though in writing.

2. An introduction to who you are and what service(s) you provide

Introduce yourself briefly: Your name, what you do and the niche your service(s) belong.

3. Benefits of hiring you

The main part of a winning cold pitch is convincing the client that they need your service(s) as you present yourself as the best choice for the job you are proposing. You should include what you can do, why they should hire you and why you are different from all other writers in your niche

4. Include Samples of your previous writing that could help convince the prospective client that you could actually write and deliver on the job.

5. Close your Pitch Politely

You should be polite in the tone of your message from the opening to the closing. You do not want to be seen as rude because it's your only opportunity to make a good and lasting impression. Even if your service is not needed at that time, it might later be requested for based on the good impression.

Whatever you write, let it be at the back of your mind that you only have a few seconds to get across your message, so you have to be as brief as possible without missing a bit of what you want to put across to the recipient of your pitch.

Sample of a winning cold pitch to land a client

Hello (Prospective Client's Name),

I am (Your Name), a digital marketing expert and a freelance writer. I write captivating and persuasive contents for businesses and entrepreneurs to further their audience reach and engage their prospective customers. This always leads to increased sales and a good ROI on marketing campaign costs.

Here are a few samples of my writing to help you decide if I'll be a good fit for your contents need.
(Sample 1)
(Sample 2)
(Sample 3)

I value prompt delivery of writing jobs because of the importance of meeting deadlines to business success. In addition to this, I reply emails on time, to meet specific targets or urgent notifications.

I would appreciate you getting back to me if you ever need my service.

Thank you.

(Your Name).


With the information put together in this post, you should have no fear in coming up with a good pitch depending on your niche and start an aggressive cold pitching campaign to land high paying clients. You too can make money with your writing as a freelance writer.

If there’s any other tip or strategy that has been helping you land clients through cold pitching, you can share in the comment section below.

Writing Guest Posts on Authority and Established Blogs in Your Niche

Writing a Guest post on an Authority blog/website in your chosen niche is one of the best and cost effective ways to get traction and position yourself in front of a targeted large audience. All things being right coupled with the preparation and hard work you have put into writing the post, it might be your break for people to start looking out for more of your writings.

This could be leveraged on as a blogger and freelance writer to generate a lot of traffic and attract prospective clients to give you writing jobs.

Writing Guest Posts on Authority and Established Blogs in your Niche
In recent years, Guest-post writing has become important for different purposes. The two major reasons people write guest posts are
(1) To get themselves, businesses and brands before a large and targeted audience that might be interested in a product they sell or in a service they render.
(2) To be used as a social proof especially for writers that want potential clients to see them as qualified and capable of delivering on a writing job and for bloggers to generate traffic and get backlinks so as to have a high page ranking on google.

For a Guest-post to qualify for the aforementioned reasons, it should be written and published on a blog/website that has a lot of readership and a history of publishing quality contents.

This makes prospective customers and clients see your business as qualified enough to transact or deal with. One of many advantages this bring is that there’s a part of the post that shows your profile link with which you could be easily contacted and which leads to where more of your contents or products could be seen. This is a huge traffic not paid for as the only investment made was the time taken to research and write the guest post.  

How to know which authority Blog to Guest post for
This depends on the industry and niche your business belongs to. It will be more productive to guest-post on a niche-specific platform as this ensures that you reach a larger audience that is already interested in what you write about or in related subjects/topics.

For example, a blogger that wants to reach a large and targeted audience with a product that caters for newbie bloggers would be better off writing a guest post on ‘ProBlogger’ than writing one for ‘Forbes’.

Most of the Authority blogs/websites have sections for various categories ranging from Business, Entrepreneurship to News and Entertainment. Writing a guest post on ‘Huffington Post’ for example would bring more result for a writer that wants to prove to prospective clients that he/she is capable enough to write well, only that the guest post should be written and published in the right section of the blog.

It’s a good content marketing practice to always write a guest post in the category or section that you want to target for your product(s) or service(s).
How to craft your guest post pitch with the right tone
The very first thing you should do after you have decided to write a guest post on a platform is to go to its website to see the kind of posts that get published there: The quality, the average length of posts, and what the readers of such authority platform are saying in the comment section so as to know what’s trending and what information they would like to have.

If you have not familiarized yourself with what’s acceptable and what’s not on a platform, you might not get the result you want as your pitch might get rejected if guidelines are not followed to the letter.

Most of these established blogs have guidelines on how to go about pitching for a guest post. Some even have forms on their websites for you to fill as applicable.

After you have gotten the necessary information needed to send your pitch, it is also important to write the pitch with the right tone. Following these tips will help you craft an attractive pitch;

  • Personalize your pitch. (Use the name of the Editor or whoever you are sending your pitch to)
  • Introduce yourself, who you are and what you do in not more than three sentences.(Brevity is key here as Editors don’t have much time on their hands because they are dealing with a lot of entries from other people as well)
  • You must be able to convince the Editor in-charge of the platform that their esteemed audience will benefit from the information contained in your guest post.
  • Include the title/topic of the Guest post you want to submit with a short introduction( A catchy, attractive and trending topic could be an added advantage)
  • Include the Sub-headings contained in your post with a short summary of not more than three sentences under each sub-heading.
  • Don’t forget to buttress your belief and hope that their respected and distinguished audience would benefit from your post.
  • End your pitch with an expectation of getting a favourable response from whoever you are sending the pitch to.

Best Days and Hours to send your pitches
Another tip that could also help is knowing the appropriate time to send your pitches, it could increase the chances of your messages being seen and read. Tuesdays - Thursdays before 7am (Before or over breakfast) and between 10am - 12 pm (Before or during lunch). They seem to not be under much pressure during these days and hours.

What to do when you don't get answer to your pitches
Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a response to your pitch. There’s a possibility that the editor is so busy at the time he/she received your message and forgot to get back to you, considering the number of emails they get on a daily basis.

When this happens, there’s a sort of formula that has been around for some time called the 3-3-7 formula. If after the first 3 days, you have not heard back, you should send a message as a reminder of the first one you sent.

This should be done after another 3 days and 7 days if you’ve still not gotten a response. After the third reminder, you might as well forget about the guest post and move on. The more you practice, the better you become.

If there's any other strategy that you have used in getting your pitches for Guest posts accepted, you can share for fellow bloggers and freelance writers in the comment section below.